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CEO’s Message

Message from the CEO of Solueta

We promise to do our best with continuous technological innovation ahead of the trend of the times.

Dear customers and shareholders!

Thanks to your support, Solueta has achieved remarkable growth recently. As a company specialized in the development and production of electromagnetic shielding, Solueta has become the No. 1 company in Korea based on continuous technology development to respond to the IT industry era. We will continue to focus on R&D and continue to develop products and solutions that meet customer needs. We, executives and employees of Solueta, will make every effort together to achieve a second leap by expanding our business scope to all materials in the IT field such as heat dissipation & shielding composite materials, shock absorbing materials, high-adhesion materials, functional films, and tapes, etc. manufactured with advanced manufacturing technology of electromagnetic shielding / absorbers and heat dissipation products.

In the future, we will cooperate with Korea's leading manufacturing subsidiaries to create new value as Korea's representative manufacturing industry that encompasses auto parts and engineering in line with the rapidly developing global IT industry and grow into a global new materials company. Solueta promises to do its best as a true partner to our customers through continuous technological innovation ahead of the changing trend of the times. We look forward to your continued interest and support.

Thank you.

Solueta CEO Samju Yang

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