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Bezel foam t ape

Developed PU foam type with high tensile strength to secure impact resistance and toughness for TV bezel
Development direction
Category Generation 1 Generation 2
Concept Double-sided adhesive Skin Laminate
Technology PU Foam + PSA PU Foam + Skin + PSA
Advantages High adhesion

High adhesion/retention
Excellent reworkability/Reworkable
Excellent processability

Disadvantages Not reworkable
High unit cost
Process complexity
Other Development completed 1. TPU with skin properties, PU application review
2. Giving the adhesive a skin function
3. PE Skin
Specialized Technology
01. PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) characteristics
  • a. High crosslinking density
  • b. Low initial adhesion (Tack) Reduced compatibility with substrate, high cohesiveness
  • c. High cohesion Excellent heat and chemical resistance of adhesives
  • d. Can be attached to high squeezing force
02. Technical characteristics
  • a. Product design technology considering the physical properties of PU foam (CFD, Foam Density)
  • b. PU Foam and combination based on high-reliability new PSA Recipe development technology
  • c. Process conditions (coating, lamination, etc.) optimization technology
03. Maximize performance
  • a. Maximization of adhesion characteristics: Normal temperature test, low temperature test, high temperature test, storage test, aging test
  • b. Maximize retention characteristics: Normal temperature test, low temperature test, high temperature test, high temperature and humidity test
  • c. T-Block characteristics maximized: Adhesion Retention T-Block Test, T-Block Limit Test
  • d. Understanding and utilizing PU Foam specifications (foam density, CFD, Skin/Foam thickness)
Properties Hard Type PSA Reliability Assessment Soft Type PSA
Adhesion OK Room temperature OK
OK Low temperature N.G or △ or adhesive transition occurs
OK High temperature N.G or △ or adhesive transition occurs
OK High temperature and humidity*24hr OK
OK High temperature and humidity*48hr N.G or △ or adhesive transition occurs
T-Block OK Apply 500g pendulum OK
OK Apply 1.5kg weight N.G or △ or adhesive transition occurs

High adhesion tape

  • Acrylic foam tape for mounting vehicle interior and exterior parts
  • Excellent impact resistance, tensile strength, durability, and chemical resistance in various conditions provide excellent adhesion
  • Able to absorb physical stress from the external environment
Manufacture process
  • Lower energy cost and better quality control possible
  • Improved adhesion to various surfaces
  • Low VOC emissions
  • Fast curing speed
  • High solvent resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, UV stability
Item Unit SHA (G) 64 SHA (G) 80 Test Method
Total Thickness 640㎛ ± 10% 800㎛ ± 10% Digital Upright Gauge
Color Gray
Liner description White paper or Red PE liner
Density Kg/㎥ 0.78 0.77
SUS Peel Strength N/25㎜ 38 over 43 over 180˚ Peel, ASTM D3330
Holding Power 10,000min Pass ASTM D3654
Dynamic Shear Strength N/25㎟ 630 over 600 over ASTM D3654

  • SUS Peel Strength Properties : N/25mm, 300mm/min, 25microns PET film backing, after 72hr
  • Holding Power Properties : 130℃ /1,000g/10,000min/ 25mm*25mm, after 5min
  • Dynamic Shear Strength Properties : 25 mm*25 mm size, load cell:5KN
    Peel speed :10 mm/min, Peel angle: 180 degrees after 72hr
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