• Thermal Solution

Thermal Solution

Thermal Spread Tapes

Issues Application Examples Effect
Application Areas

  • Ap chip and DDI, heat generation in OLED part
  • Cu Thermal Spread Sheet widely disperses heat from the heating part, lowers the exothermic saturation temperature, and blocks the heat from the heating part from being conducted to the OLED as much as possible
  • EMI noise shielding generated by AP chip on Main Board
  • Cu Thermal Spread Sheet + Foam Tape can be integrated
  • Thermal and EMI noise problems of IC chip
  • Relieves EMI noise shielding and heat generation generated by AP chip of Main Board

Conductive tape on top of IC Chip or SUS Cover Shield
-> EMI Noise Suppression

Thermal Spread Tapes are applied to spread the heat of the heating part to reduce the saturation temperature

GLPCB (Full Length Head Lamp)

For partial heat dissipation of the LED Module FPCB applied to the front and rear lights of automobiles, the AL 1.0T is currently in use in series production. Apply this as GFPCB (FBCB + Al_GCL)
Product Detail
  • Graphene lamination technology, Binder dispersion and coating technology composite new material
  • Compared to the existing mass-produced laminated structure, unit cost competitiveness and excellent heat dissipation performance
  • Can be designed for various shapes and thicknesses required by the product
Item Unit Value Remark
Total Thickness mm 0.050 ± 0.010 Digital Upright Gauge
Thermal Conductivity (X-Y axis) W / mK Over 200 NETZSCH LFA
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