• EMI/EMC Solution

EMI/EMC Solution

Conductive Fabric Tape

Issues Application Examples Effect
Application Areas Shield electrical/magnetic waves leaking through circuit components and wiring or apply grounding path formation/step compensation

Conductive Fabric Single-sided, Double-sided Tape

SSC30D : Step Compensation, Grounding

SDC80H : FPCB Fixed, Grounding

Technical information
  • Ultra-thin conductive fiber tape with a thickness of 20um of conductive fiber and an overall thickness of 30μm
  • Normally, conductive fibers have good breathability, so when making single-sided tapes using conductive adhesives, it is difficult to create single-sided tapes due to the fluidity of conductive adhesives.
Item Spec. Test Result
Thickness (mm) 0.03±0.01 0.034
Adhesion (gf / 25mm) > 600 922
Surface Resistance (Ω/sq) < 0.2 0.095
Volume Resistance (Ω/in2) < 0.2 0.008

Conductive Black Tape

Issues Application Examples Effect
Application Areas
  • Poor touch performance
  • EMI Noise leakage, light leakage, thickness, weight problems, etc.
  • Touch performance stabilization
  • EMI Noise Suppression / Light Leakage Prevention
  • Conductive Black Tapes thinning and lighter LCM module
  • High performance of IC chip causes EMI noise
  • SUS Cover Shield limits EMI noise suppression
  • SUS Cover Shield Top Conductive Black Tapes to resolve EMI Noise issues
  • Insufficient concealment power
  • Color differences with surrounding black utensils and devices
  • Closes pinholes in fibers to enhance concealment
  • Black color gives unity
Technical information
  • Fewer curl phenomenon and excellent workability.
  • Realize excellent resistance stability and excellent shielding performance.
  • Flexible, excellent adhesion, can be applied to various shapes.
Item Spec. Test Result
Thickness (mm) 0.055±0.01 0.056
Adhesion (gf / 25mm) > 800 1,385
Surface Resistance (Ω/sq) < 0.2 0.095
Volume Resistance (Ω/in2) < 0.2 0.008

Conductive Cushion Tape

Issues Application Examples Effect
Application Areas
  • EMI noise leakage and ESD problems between instruments and appliances
  • Conductive cushion tape between metal appliances to solve EMI/ESD (electrostatic) problems
  • Disconnect problem caused by connector step at circuit connection site
Technical information
  • 0.3T or less thin film conductive cushion product
    (Conventional conductive cushion tape: between 0.3T and 6.5T)
  • Conductive fabric attached to the surface makes it easy to attach a protective film.
    (The existing conductive cushion tape has a rough surface, making it difficult to attach a protective film)
Item Spec. Test Result
Thickness (mm) 0.15 ± 20% 0.145
Adhesion (gf / 25mm) > 1,100 1,328
Surface Resistance (Ω/sq) < 0.2 0.045
Volume Resistance (Ω/in2) < 0.2 0.013

Electromagnetic Wave Absorber

Issues Application Examples Effect
Application Areas
  • CPU / MPU / PM IC /RF Chip EMI generation
  • Absorber applied instead of SUS Cover Shield or on top of EMI Noise issue
  • Multi-layer absorber has excellent EMI noise suppression effect of IC chip

Technical information
  • Roll type production has excellent workability and price competitiveness during the process.
  • Absorber Sheet + Cu Tape multi-layer structure has excellent electromagnetic noise shielding/absorption function, and no dust is generated during grinding and cutting.
  • Excellent EMI absorption characteristics in a wide frequency band.
Item Spec. Test Result
Thickness (mm) 0.1 ± 0.01 0.103
Adhesion (gf / 25mm) > 1,200 1,500
Surface Resistance (Ω/sq) < 0.1 0.05
Permeability [at 3MHz] 80

EMI Gasket

It is a product wrapped in conductive fibers in a form with good elasticity, and has excellent electrical conductivity, elastic resilience, and shock absorption, so it is applied to navigation, black box, and HUD (Head Up Display).
Product Detail
Considering shock absorption and resilience, it is applied to brackets and PCBs.
Item Unit Spec. Test Method
Total Thickness mm 0.50 ~ ± 20% Vernier Cailpers
Adhesive Force (Conductive Tape) gf / 25mm Over 1,200 KS T 1028 (SUS304)
Surface Resistance (Conductive Fabric) Ω / sq Less 0.1 MIL DTL 83528C
Compression Set % Over 30 Samsung Method
Color - Gray -
Use Temp. -10 to 80 ASTM D 3330
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